1. currently moves thousands of offshore personnel every month. This means making sure that your guys get picked up at the airport with all the proper paperwork, get clean and comfortable hotel facilities and making sure that they reach their chopper to take them to the rig or their flight home.

Crew changes are carried out on a daily basis from the ports / airports and heliports by choppers and dedicated crew boats. Our dedicated crew department will accompany them from the moment their flight is scheduled to the moment they leave Israel. 

    • Coral has staff 24/7 at 5 ports and 3 airports
      • Coral arranges the following services:
      • Visas, work permits and entry papers
      • Meet and greet at the airport
      • Hotel Accommodation
      • Transportation (Taxis, Buses) with dedicated drivers
      • Car rentals
      • Apartment rentals
      • Port entry permits
    • Coral developed a dedicated Crew Management System (CMS) that enables handling and managing thousands of personnel movements every month. this web-based system enables our team to keep track of all personnel on and off-shore, book hotels and transportation, enables direct interface with Israeli Immigration and can be used by customers and suppliers for tracking services and personnel. The system can provide an updated POB list and keep track of all services arranged by Coral.


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