Coral has been directly involved in all major off-shore projects in Israel for the past 30 years, acquiring vast experience and expertise that are unique in Israel.

Coral's services include round-the-clock attendance that covers all aspects of off-shore activities. We will make sure that your project is set up and runs smoothly.

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Coral Offshore Scope Of Services

One of the first challenges in Israel is obtaining the relevant permits and approvals and
if necessary establishing a local company. There are also legal and taxation issues that
need to be addressed. Coral can take you hand in hand to the various
sure you will get all the necessary permits and licenses and then make sure that all
operation aspects of your project are successfully set up.

  • Arranging Permits with the relevant Authorities.
  • Personnel Logistics - including Crew Changes, Transport and Accomodation
  • Coordination of Port Services.
  • Support For Offshore Vessels.
  • Forwarding And Trucking.
  • Interface With Local Industry.
  • Establishing a local company.
  • Coordination of operations with the Ministry of Defense and Navy.
  • Coordination of operations with the Ministry of Transport.
  • Tax and legal consultancy
  • Setting up Immigration Procedues
  • Coordination of operations with the Port Authorities.


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  • On-line (24 hrs a day) logistic assistance
  • Clearance in/out of marine spread
  • Coordination of marine spread activities with the relevant authorities
  • Recruiting local personnel
  • Designing and creating a fully functional shore base
  • Vertically integrated logistic solutions dedicated to the oil & gas industry
  • Regular crew changes by helicopter and/or launch
  • Arranging transportation and accommodation for personnel
  • Coordinating supplies for vessels, rigs and crew
  • Arranging agreements with medical facilities
  • Setting up and Coordinating MEDEVAC procedures
  • Supply of all communication means
  • Consultants on all off-shore operations in Israel